Restricting Residential Access

Walsh Street, South Yarra

Another classic example of Engineering Services Stuff-ups.  

In this case the Council has installed a 2 Hr Residents excepted parking sign without and thought or common sense. 

Not only is the sign mounted on a 4 Metre high pole but it is positioned smack in the middle of the rear access service gate a situation which could be a major safety issue in an emergency and the fire brigade or residents need access.

Thanks to the residents who reported this one.  Send reports to

Horsing Around: Lies and deceit behind Council’s War on Horse and Carriages

More than a month has passed since the Melbourne City Council considered in secret a report on the Horse and Carriage Street Trading at its November 27 Council Forum – A meeting without reports or written minutes.

Two week later the Council in the middle of the night changed the signs that previously allowed the Horse a Carriages to park in Swanston Street opposite the Town Hall between 7Pm to 11PM.

The Council, having failed to consult with the Street Traders, this week sent letters to permit holders informing them that parking opposite town Hall was no longer available.

The Council has claimed that the space, which is now only available to “authorized vehicles only” was needed for a loading zone.  This in spite of the fact that the Street is empty at that time with the exception of a Pancake kiosk that trades until 9PM (and offers Council Staff discounts during the day) and the Escort Agency located in Swanston Street opposite Town Hall that operates though-out the night. (Not sure if any discounts are on offer)

Robert Doyle before Christmas went on air and claimed that the Council’s War on Horses issue was settled. – far from it.

The City of Melbourne is facing an Equal Opportunity discrimination complaint in VCAT having refused to grant a permit to one Horse and Carriage operator who can not read or write. The Council refused him a permit because his application was not complete.

Alfresco Dinning: with Rubbish Bin and Sign thrown into the mix – No extra charge

 Domain Road South Yarra.

There is a Cafe that has to share its outdoor dinning experience with a rubbish bin and a street sign.  

Another example of City of Melbourne’s Street planning madness and stupidity.

A problem so easily fixed but traders and dinners left to suffer the Council’s inaction.

Originally the site for the Local News Agent and Post Office the premises have been transformed into a coffee shop. The Council managed to change the parking sign which was previously reserved for Australia Post vehicles now it delineates the Western edge  a 30m is a loading zone.  (Enough space for 7 cars)

Next door to the outdoor tables is a smelling and filthy rubbish bin.  Enough to put you off dinning outside.

The new trader has been trying to get the Council to move the Sign and the bin but to no avail.

Months have past and still no action. It’s a no brainer, one would think, it is not that difficult to see what the problem is and send someone out to fix it.  (It should have been addressed when they first removed the previous sign)

Meanwhile the adjacent Botanical Hotel, which obviously has some pull and sway with the City Council, has no such problems with signage as they enjoy a vehicle, sign free and no rubbish bin zone outside there premises. A 30 Metre Loading Zone is an overkill for such a small shopping strip.

Efforts to contact Haig Poulson, Engineering Services, have been unsuccessful in spite three phone calls.

Melbourne’s Blind Intersection: Park St and St Kilda Road

If you drive along Park Street and turn right into St Kilda Road and successfully negotiated any tram movements, midway into the intersection, you are left blind not knowing the state of the traffic signals regulating the intersection.

There are no traffic signals that can be seen as you cross the intersection.  This causes drivers to hesitate and not knowing if they can proceed. the Council needs to install an additional set of lights on the South East corner.

This problem has been in existence for years (made worst with the development of the Domain Tram Interchange) and Engineering Services still have not addressed this blind spot which is a major safety risk.

Efforts to contact Engineering Services unsuccessful . Calls not returned

No signals if turning right
Light facing wrong direction

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Traffic Ciaos: Engineering Services under review

Melbourne City’s Traffic is in ciaos,   Congestion is worst not better and it has nothing to do with increase in taffic movements. The main cause of traffic congestion in the City is caused by Bike lanes. Lanes that have been poorly designed.

Where there was once two lanes for traffic movement there is now only one lane with a white line and green pavement taking over limited road space.  Many of these bike lanes are under utilized and have diminished pedestrian and traffic safety. Pedestrians walk into the bike lanes thinking they are in a safe zone or parked cars take less care when opening doors.

Many of the bike lanes have been placed in streets that should not be used as a bike route.

Motyorcycle/scooter riders are worst off.  The City of Melbourne have failed to consult with Mototr Cycle riders and their needs are not considered. Many bike lanes around the city could be readily shared by Scooters and Bikes alike.

Traffic congestion is not the only problem facing City Engineering Services – A department that is poorly managed.  Many problems associated with Engineering Services remain unaddressed, month and years pass  and the Council does nothing.

To help address these issues we intend to run a serious of exposes on the City of Melbourne Engineering Service Department. Tag: Engineering services.  Readers are encouraged to submit examples of Engineering Services stuff ups and bad designs