Self Deception: Oh What web they weave

Stephen Mayne’s Years Wrap-up is a lot of self indulgent misconception.

Mayne claims to support open and transparency yet he has done noting to hold the Council to account and put an end to the misconception, deceit and avoidance of accountability.  Decisions of Council are being are behind closed doors, with a nod and a wink decisions made under delegation .  No documents, No reports with no open public discussion.

Stephen Mayne himself has been reported as wanting lesser public sessions and there are increasing reports that Councillors are not responding to City residents and traders concerns.  Mayne is too busy shopping in Doncaster Shopping Town.  Transparency and openness is the last item on his agenda.

What is interesting and telling in Mayne’s report

Mayne stated “It’s all very well having lots of briefing papers available to read, but this is never as good as having a lively verbal debate around the table with ideas flowing back and forth. I always enjoyed challenging Manningham developers in front of the officers during private sessions and then later asking the officers what they thought of the answers. There’s limited opportunity to do this at Melbourne.”

Yet Kathy Alexander in her recent correspondence state that the session were verbal presentations only.

The Horse and Carriage Street Traders were denied any access or input to proposed policy changes put forward to the Council at its November 27 “Closed Session” Councillor Forum meeting. According to Alexander there are no written reports, documents or minuets of the discussions held.

Decisions made under delegation were implemented without anyone knowing exactly what was being implemented in the name of the Council. Councillor Richard Foster had been made aware of the Street Traders concerns yet he failed to have their concerns heard in public. The Council just gave a nod and a wink and hey presto.  The Horse and Carriages were removed from Swanston Street, and denied parking outside the Town Hall.

We are told that Stephen Mayne was contacted by representatives of the Horse and Carriage Association but he did not respond to their numerous calls and SMS. 

This is a good example of the systematic problems facing the Council. Open transparency and good governance no longer exist in Melbourne.  The system is corrupt and widely open is misuse and abuse.

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