Cr. Richard Foster playing cat and mouse

There are serious issues confronting the City of Melbourne (Such as open and transparent governance and this is the best Cr Richard Foster (@Richo_Foster ) can come up with.

T’was the day before Christmas and all through the Town Hall not a creature was stirring, not even Cr Mayne @MayneReport

Richard Foster is fast becoming a liability to the community not an asset. Prior to and immediately after his election Foster rightly claimed the high moral ground and called for an end to Secret Council meetings. Yet he has done nothing to raise the issue or to hold the Council to account by calling on it comply with the provisions of s89 of the Local Government Act. A quick look at some of Foster’s tweets raises serious doubt.

Richard Foster has fallen out with “Our Melbourne” Lord Mayor Candidate David Nolte, with Forster quickly disowning Nolte and speaking disparagingly about him around Town Hall.  Many local residents and constituents are also reporting that Foster has hidden himself behind the barriers of the bureaucracy and can not be contacted.  Yet he is reported to be prowling the corridors of Town Hall looking for maverick Stephen Mayne, another Melbourne City Councillor who is noted for his absence and lack of engagement or support for open transparent government.  Both should read s89 and think long and hard about the legal and moral obligations.

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