ABC NEWS: 24 Hour Damage Control

The ABC News 24 hour TV channel started broadcasting during the week. If your a news junky, made worst during a national election it is difficult to switch off.

The programme cycling is of a high quality and a sure way to catch up with the latest news in the campaign trail.


The ABC NEWS logo is damaging to your TV.

ABC News for some reason has opted for a solid graphic that includes the ABC logo and the number 24 with the time displayed underneath in the bottom right of your screen. Unlike the other ABC channel logos this one is not see through. As a result your TV is at risk of image burn as the ABC News logo etches in to the background of your screen.

Those effected may like to consider writing to the ABC or Broadcasting authorities to complain and possibly seek compensation for the damage caused or join in on a class action law suit.

Online complaints fall on death ears. Best bet is to write to the daily news papers or call talkback channels. 1300 222 774.

UPDATE: The ABC has listened to its audiance. It has modifed the ABC 24 logo and publissed a semi transparent logo. Thanks you ABC for your quick action in resolving this issue. Now please do likewise on the ABC3 Station Close screen. A moving image such as world weather would be good.

2 thoughts on “ABC NEWS: 24 Hour Damage Control

  1. I have noticed that the burn-in problem on my HD plasma screen after only a few hours watching the ABC New 24 Channel. ABC, please! use logos with mild colour/contrast!

  2. The ABC s the worst offender. They are aware of the problem but they are incapable of logic and unwilling to take action to fix the problem. The ABC1 logo is of better design. The ABC also has a problem with Station Close screens ABC station Close will also burn an image on your screen. The ABC 3 logo is marginally better then the ABC news. BOTH should be changed. Writing to the ABC complaints line has no effect. The complaint falls on death ears and those who are blind to the impact of the bad logo design.

    We advise those concerned to call the talkback channels and daily newspapers and complain.

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