Green Vultures salivating at Tanner’s withdrawal

The Greens are political vultures, salivating at the mouth in the false hope that they will win the Federal seat of Melbourne following Lindsay Tanner’s shock announcement that he is retiring from National Politics..

Talking up their chances the Greens claim that they will win 14% of the national vote and 24% local vote of the Melbourne electorate, securing Liberal Party preferences to win the seat of Melbourne from the ALP.

The ALP Federal Government, thanks in a large part to Lindsay Tanner, has steered Australia though the world’s worst recession since 1930 and Melburnians will not put at risk the economic gains and security delivered by the Labor Government. Rational minded Melburnians, when faced with the prospect of a Abbott Liberal Government, will support a Gillard Labor Government and return the safe seat of Melbourne to the ALP.

Prediction: The Greens will not win Melbourne. They will not surpass the Liberal Party or secure sufficient number of Liberal Party preferences to take the seat from the ALP. The suggestion that Melbourne is a marginal seat is a fallacy that feeds the media hype.

Melbourne is not a close seat, as the media and the Greens would like us to think it is.

The Liberal party will secure more votes then the Greens relegating the Greens to distant third place.

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