2 thoughts on “Fowles on Mitchell Robert Doyle is looking good

  1. Wow… how much of a tosser is Neil Mitchell? That was an awful interview and I’m surprised that Fowles didn’t call him out for being such a dog… really walked into that one.

    Everyone knows there is fat to cut in the council budget.. you could start with the limousine bills. I can’t understand why Mitchell was being so agressive.

    Abusing MCC powers… pffffft.

    Don’t listen to 3AW but if Mitchell interviews any of the other candidates can you post it so that I can see whether he’s biased or just a prick?

  2. Andrew.

    I am not a fan of Mitchel either, he is not what I would call a professional journalist, more like a shock and awe jock.

    BUT I think Fowles left himself wide open to attack. Fowles should have had some idea where money can be saved and yes there is a lot that can be saved. I am not sure I want to see the money spent on surveillance camera though. Fowles is desperately grasping for an issue that he thinks will make him relevant to the campaign, something to stamp his mark on and call his own. Fact is he is not going to win and he is way down the list on the form guide. His biggest mistakes to date is his choice of running mates, lack of understanding of the real policy issues including council governance and mostly his choice of campaign manager. Fowles will end up being a preference feeder if he can manage to direct preferences (odds are he cannot even do that) He will most likely end up supporting McMullin’s campaign by default or design.

    I think Mitchel was right when he said that Robert Doyle is looking good.

    We still do not know if Doyle is in running. We will know in just over 10 days time which nags will line up at the starting gate.

    Have no fear we will be publishing a form guide and if we can get hold of more interviews we will be glad to publish them. Its a shame that 3AW does not maintain a web log of interviews.

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