Switching Leagues Geelong versus Melbourne

With the 2008 Grand Final over and Hawthorn basking in glory whilst Geelong is left scarping with their tail between their legs next seasons talent scouts are planning and plotting who will run where in the November Municipal Elections.

Last week Jeff Kennett, Victorious president of the Hawthorn Football club, put to rest any suggestion that he was running for Melbourne’s Lord Mayor leaving an open position for his wife Felicity Kennett to seek the Lord Mayor’s gold chains and robes.

The Herald-sun add to the list of would be hopefuls by suggesting that Robert Doyle, former State opposition Leader, is also considering his position and possible nomination as the parties seek to renew the old.

There has even been a suggestion that former Councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor for one year Peter McMullin may seek to recontest the Lord Mayor’s seat. Peter McMullin made an unsuccessful bid to win the keys to the Lord Mayor’s Limo in 2001 and has since been hiding out in Geelong where he did a stint as Victoria’s Second City Mayor.

If the rumors are true then Peter McMullin, having lost pre-selection for Corrangamite in 2007, may switch leagues again and return to the Melbourne City playing field .

Meanwhile J0hn So is yet to announce if he will or if he won’t be running for a third term. Pressure is on for John to stand aside and if he does decide to run he will not fare as well as he did back in 2004.

Bookmakers are not taking any bets until the next season players’ selection is known.

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