State Government MUST act to restore good governance and accountability in the City Council

Herald-Sun Newspaper Article on John So’s Expenses – Public Comment

The directly elected model has failed to deliver accountability or good corporate governance.

Only last week former Lord Mayor, City Councillor and chairman of the the Council’s Finances Committee, Kevin Chamberlain, called on the sate government to sack the City Council following revelations of a blow out in the cost of governance.

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act every municipality is subject to a representation review every second term of office. (That is except the City of Melbourne)

Dick Wynne, Minister for Local Government and former Lord Mayor of Melbourne, MUST subject the City Council to an open and public review in line with the municipal reviews undertaken by every other City Council.

Any review of the City Council must include a review of the representative model including the directly elected Lord Mayor and should also consider changes to Melbourne’s external boundaries.

Melbourne City Council is due for such a review its last review (Which was not made public) was over two terms ago. Why is it The City Council exempt from this process?

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