McClown pays visit to Mao Old Habits die hard as Melbourne’s former one year term Deputy flys to China at Geelong’s expense

The Geelong News reports that Peter McMullin, Former Melbourne City Councillor and currently Mayor of Geelong) has dipped into Geelong Ratepayers coffers to fund a trip to China. McMullen (also referred to McClown) was sacked as Melbourne Deputy Lord Mayor in 1997 having only served one year as Deputy to failed Lord Mayor Ivan Deveson. The reason being he ratted on his collegues and promises givin to the electorate.

McClown is also remembered for his University days where as a devote Maoist he campaigned against the Zionist cause as he sang praise and reiterated quotes from Chairman Mao’s little red book.

The Geelong News reports that McClown had spent over $8,000 on a three day visit to China raising ongoing concern about the misuse and abuse of Council funded overseas travel.

Under the provisions of the Local Government Act and regulations City Councils MUST maintain a travel register of all overseas and interstate travel undertaken by City Councillors and or Staff.

It is unknown if any staff from the City of Geelong accompanied Geelong’s Mayor on his China tour. Past experiences from the City of Melbourne show that additional costs are picked up and allocated to the staff members travel accounts which tend to go unnoticed. It is also not known if the City of Geelong has adopted Melbourne City Council’s creative accounting methods where cost occurred are not disclosed nor recorded on any expense statements.

Peter MCMullin was implicated in the Geelong City Council Campaign funding scandal that surfaced earlier this year.

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