Beyond the law Corruption in the Melbourne City Council exposed

The level of abuse and corruption in the Melbourne City Council has been exposed with th4 Victorian Ombudsman staging twice raids on the City of Melbourne to seize documents. The Age

The refusal of the Melbourne City Council to assist the Ombudsman ion its inquiries demonstrates our ongoing concern about the administration of the Melbourne City Council which has been in decline over the least six years ever since Micheal Malouf took over its management.

Answers to questions need to provided as to why the City Council did not co-operate with the Ombudsman enquiry and why was the Council administration involved in a cover-up?

What if any was the role of Alison Lyons, Melbourne City Council’s Legal-Governance Officer in the cover up?

The Melbourne City Council continue to avoid accountability by refusing to provide open and transparent governance. Many decisions are held behind closed doors with basic information associated with the costs of administration and governance withheld.

The revelations and comments published in the Age Newspaper give weight to the need for a independent review of the City’s governance. Alison Lyon’s has left the den, did she jump or was she pushed. Other heads should roll? What knowledge and was the involvement in the cover up can be attributed to John So?

Melbourne’s ratepayers and the public must be provided with more information and full explanation.

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